We are proud to announce our latest milestone in the partnership for clean drinking water:

30 million liters!


Welcome to SOTENI International

It Takes a Village

Most of us have heard the African maxim, "It takes a village to raise a child." At SOTENI, we believe "It takes a village to prevent AIDS," too. That's why we support Villages of Hope. These communities work to prevent HIV/AIDS and to reduce its effects while providing love, guidance, and resources to those affected by it. We began in 2003 and, with your help, created our first SOTENI Village of Hope in Mituntu. Since then, we have expanded with three other Villages in Mbakalo, Ugunja, and Kuria. Each Village plays the main role in determining its own priorities for developing and sustaining programs that will lead to the prevention of AIDS.

Our Vision Statment

To build the best model for preventing AIDS in vulnerable communities around the world.

Our Mission Statement

To reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS in rural Kenya and improve the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS.