"All of us, together." The traditional Swahili phrase "sisi sote, pamoja" perfectly captures SOTENI International’s approach to HIV/AIDS prevention in Kenya. By empowering those affected by HIV/AIDS and helping them become a new generation of leaders in the fight against it, we can strengthen hope and speed positive change.

Join the Cause
The SOTENI network—including our six offices, dozens of staff members, and hundreds of volunteers and supporters—has become a metaphorical village. We invite you to join in our work and help make a difference in some of the communities that are most affected by HIV/AIDS. There are several ways to get involved, including donating, fund-raising, and volunteering. It takes a village to prevent AIDS!

We are a Cincinnati based nonprofit focused on HIV/AIDS in Kenya, Africa. SOTENI supports community development and sustainable practices, providing local and global opportunities for volunteers.


Welcome to SOTENI International

It Takes a Village
Most of us have heard the African maxim, "It takes a village to raise a child." At SOTENI, we believe "It takes a village to prevent AIDS," too.

That's why we support Villages of Hope. These communities work to prevent HIV/AIDS and to reduce its effects while providing love, guidance, and resources to those affected by it. We began in 2003 and, with your help, created our first SOTENI Village of Hope in Mituntu. Since then, we have expanded with three other Villages in Mbakalo, Ugenya, and Kuria. Each Village plays the main role in determining its own priorities for developing and sustaining programs that will lead to the prevention of AIDS.

Our Vision Statement
To build the best model for preventing AIDS in vulnerable communities around the world.

Our Mission Statement
All of us, together—working to reduce the incidence of AIDS by empowering vulnerable communities to develop sustainable interventions. We cultivate local leadership, educate those most at risk, and identify best practices to share around the world.